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Stackable Racks

Versatile space saving storage is what this rack is all about. The 4" under clearance allows for easy fork truck accessibility. Units can stack up to 20 feet high. Sturdy, welded construction gives these units an abundance of strength and stability.

Stacking racks stack 4-5 high and can be easily disassembled or knocked down when not in use. Rather than dedicate substantial amounts of floor space to permanent rack systems, use portable stack racks to obtain maximum storage density and efficiency.

If your business has seasonal peaks and valleys, stacking racks can be easily disassembled and stored within a very small "footprint", thereby recapturing valuable floor space for other activities.

Portable stack racks can be used as shipping racks. Advantages include saving on expensive cardboard boxes that can now be eliminated, increasing density in transit (freight savings) and collapsibility.

Stack racks help you greatly reduce costly dunnage. Shipping containers are typically able to be knocked down and returned to the point of origin for reuse.

Used for long-term or as temporary storage next to machining work stations.

Perfect for last-in, first out inventories. Just stack them against the wall as deep as you please.
Inside Dimension (mm)
Overall Dimension (mm)
Name Number (Kg) L x W x H L x W x H
Stackable Rack Stacker-1402 750 1300x850x1000 1400x900x1200
Stacker-1312 750 1300x850x1000 1300x1200x1200
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Stackable Racks
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